ImageManager has most of its actions located in the orange toolbar at the top of the screen. We'll explain all buttons below.

You can use the upload functionality to upload images to the current directory. Simply click on the upload button to open up the upload interface. Then, drag and drop or select files from your computer to upload them to the current directory. Uploaded to the wrong directory? Don't worry, you can safely move the uploaded files to another directory. Upload interface

New Folder
You can create a new folder in the current directory by clicking on the new folder button. Enter a name for the new directory and press OK to create it. New folder

Within ImageManager, you can trash and untrash directories and images. This way, you can remove the resource and check if it breaks anything without losing your images. If it did break anything, you can safely restore the images to their original location.

Unused Images
ImageManager can see what images are being used, thus ImageManager can also see those that aren't used. By clicking on the unused images button, you'll get to see the list of unused images. This list can contain false-positives, so please use this functionality carefully.

The finder allows you to search for images within the images directory. Simply click on the finder button and enter a query to search for. If any images match, you'll receive a list of matching images. Clicking on an image will take you to the directory it's located in. Finder

Undo Last Action
Most actions in ImageManager can be undone. Whenever the undo action is available, the button will pop up next to the settings button. Click on it to revert the last action.

The settings button will simply direct you to the settings of ImageManager.

The batch functionality has its own page! Read about it here.

The actions functionality has its own page! Read about it here.