ImageManager lets you perform actions on multiple files! The actions are available when you select one or more files to perform the actions on. Selecting a file is simple; hover over a file in card-view and enable the checkbox or check the checkbox next to the file in the table-view. You'll notice that, in the toolbar, the actions button turns from disabled to enabled! Click on the actions button and select the action to perform.

The move action lets you move multiple files at once to another location. Clicking move will open up the move interface. Select the directory to move all the selected files to and then press move. Your files will now be located at the selected location! Move interface

Download Zip
The download zip action lets you download all the selected files in a zip to your browser. Handy!

The trash action lets you trash multiple selected files. Beats trashing every file manually.

Clear Selection
This action simply clears your selection.