ImageManager works out-of-the-box, but on some servers you'll want more performance or a more stable experience. ImageManager lets you tweak some settings. Navigate to the administrator side of your website and open the R2H ImageManager component.

General Settings
The general settings are settings that will not improve performance, but rather help you customize the ImageManager interface to your liking.

Display Settings

Setting Explanation Default
Fully Display Filenames Enable this option to show the full filenames. No
Fully Display Folder Names Enable this option to show the full folder names. No
Show Thumbnails Thumbnails will speed up browser loading times, but slow down your server. Yes
Colorblind Mode Enable this if you have difficulties viewing colors. No

Directory Caching
Retrieving a full directory tree is rather expensive and time-consuming. On smaller websites you wont notice slow loading times, but on rather large websites a large directory tree can take minutes. ImageManager can cache the directory tree to speed up loading times. The settings below control how and when ImageManager should cache the directory structure.

Setting Explanation Default
Directory Cache Treshold Indicates how many directories ImageManager should find before caching the result. 0 means to always cache. 250
Directory Cache Time The amount of time the cache should be valid. After this time, the cache is renewed. Time in seconds. 300
Skip Directories Select directories ImageManager should ignore. These will not be visible.

ImageManager can compress your images, but needs a little help from TinyPNG. You can get a free key to compress 500 images a month at TinyPNG. Simply enter the key in ImageManager and compress away!

Index Settings
ImageManager works with an index to improve loading times. The index is where image usage is stored. It's important that the index is always up-to-date, but large sites can generate large indexes. The following settings control how ImageManager should store the index.

Setting Explanation Default
Index Hash Size The index hash filename size. The larger the number, the more index files, the faster the cache, but it increases dramatically by the formulla N^16. 1 = 16 files, 2 = 256 files, 3 = 4096 files, etc. 2
Index Chunk Size The amount of images ImageManager indexes per iteration. Slower servers should lower this value while faster servers can raise it. 2500
Large Table Size To speed up indexing, ImageManager will skip very large tables. This number indicates how much rows a table should contain to be marked very large. 1000000
Skip Database Tables The selected tables will not be indexed. This are often tables without content, like a webshop order table.